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    “All Is Found” – Frozen II ❄️⛄️

    So… finally saw Frozen 2 last week 😁😁😁 Today’s #WeeklyWednesday is the first of probably a couple of videos I’ll record from the movie! This version of “All Is Found” is the one Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood) sings to Elsa and Anna. I needed to take a musical break from my (second) grad school program (linguistics), which started last week, and this is what came of it 🙂 The nice news on that end is that I now have a little audio recording corner set up in our house! I hope you enjoy my cover of “All Is Found”! The accompaniment I used is from the Frozen 2 soundtrack,…

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    Disneyland Christmas 2019

    Happy #WeeklyWednesday! Sharing some more scenes from a very quick trip we had to Disneyland in mid-November, plus some of my music 😊 The Happiest Place on Earth was looking particularly magical this year! The decorations, music, special events, and seasonal foods were wonderful! I hope you’ll have the chance to go soon, but if not, I hope this video captures a sense of it and makes you smile! If you like this video, check out: On my end — my next phase officially begins today, with my first class at Georgetown (Linguistics)… In the words of Little Red, I’m feeling “excited and scared” 🙏  Thank you, as always, for watching! I…

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    Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy Parade 🎄☃️🎁

    Happy New Year 🥳 This first day of 2020 finds me feeling good and looking forward to some of the very big events coming later this year! I hope it finds you doing and feeling well and hopeful, too 💗 Today’s #WeeklyWednesday is Disneyland’s “A Christmas Fantasy“ parade! We enjoyed seeing it and the beautiful decorations and festive events going on in the Parks when we were there in November! I hope you enjoy watching it here ☺️ If you like this video, check out my clips from California Adventure: More from Disneyland coming soon! Thanks for watching! #AshleyWagnerArts

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    Updates/Christmas playlist 🎄

    Squeezing in a quick #WeeklyWednesday update! It’s my final days completing my Master’s degree at NYU 😯🤩which is pretty exciting, but it means that I haven’t been able to work on any new Christmas music this year [and I love making and listening to Christmas music!]. If you’re looking for some festive music, I’d love to invite you to check out the music and other videos on my Christmas playlist below: I have a number of older arrangements, some live performances, and a couple videos of other types there, and I hope you enjoy them! I hope you’re enjoying the season and getting a chance to spend time with loved…

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    NYU Master’s Recital/”My Fair Lady” – Full Live Performance

    Today’s #WeeklyWednesday is the full, live performance of my #NYU Master’s recital! It’s been a lot exciting and fulfilling work to put together this program and to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it! The first half comprises solo sets of some of my favorite musical theatre pieces and a few Neapolitan songs (which I fell in love with when living in Naples, Italy, years ago…). “I Have Confidence” begins at 1:15 Neapolitan set, at 4:55 Unexpected love set, at 16:35 Adventure and longing set, at 25:00 The second half (at 34:00) is a character study of Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady! It was so fun to…

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    A Trip to Disney’s California Adventure!

    An unrelated-to-this-video note: I had my NYU Master’s recital last night and I’m so pleased with and grateful for how it went! I feel like I was able to demonstrate some of the best of my abilities and training, and it was such a privilege and pleasure to perform with my phenomenal accompanist and the other incredible artists and friends who comprised my My Fair Lady cast 💜💜💜 Thank you very much to those of you who came or watched online last night!! In the coming weeks, I will be editing our video footage to share here ☺️ For this video: This isn’t exactly a vlog, but I thought I’d…

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    NYU Recital Nov 26! “My Fair Lady” rehearsal clips

    Next Tuesday is the day!! Can’t believe it’s already time for my NYU Master of Music recital! I hope you’ll join in person or via Facebook livestream! My recital begins at 8:00 pm and will run approximately 75 minutes, including a brief intermission. To join us in person, you can find details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/416738169019422/  We’ll be in NYU’s Pless Hall Black Box Theatre, which is located at 82 Washington Sq E, New York, NY 10003.  I’ll also be live-streaming it on Facebook from my regular profile page (https://www.facebook.com/ashley.nicole511) and I’d love to have you join us that way! I hope to share better quality recordings from my recital directly on…

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    Il est bel et bon

    Today’s #WeeklyWednesday is another duet with my adopted sister, Renee Ulloa-McDonald 😃 This video is from a musical pre-show I designed for Coronado Playhouse’s production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” and it was so much fun performing these pieces with her!! “Il est bel et bon” was composed by Pierre Passereau and first published in 1536 in Tiers livre contenant XXI chansons à quatre esleves de plusieurs livres, no. 7. You can find translations and more information on the piece here. I was first exposed to “Il est bel et bon” (and many other early and Renaissance pieces I’ve come to love) while living in Naples, Italy, and singing…

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    Aveva na gallina capelluta

    Today’s #WeeklyWednesday is another duet with my adopted sister, Renee Ulloa-McDonald 😃 This video is from a musical pre-show I designed for Coronado Playhouse’s production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” and this piece is probably my favorite of our duets! “Aveva na gallina capelluta” was composed by Antonio Scandello (1517-1580). I was first exposed to this (and many other early and Renaissance pieces I’ve come to love) while living in Naples, Italy, and singing with an a capella choir (check out their lovely performance of this piece here). That’s another experience I’m so grateful for, and from which I have many happy memories 😊 “Much Ado About Nothing” was…

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    “Touch the Sky” (Merida from Brave)

    Hey, friends! For today’s Halloween-themed #WeeklyWednesday, I hope you’ll check out last year’s “Touch the Sky” video! It was really fun to make! Last year was a particularly fun Halloween for me, as I think it’s the first year I’ve ever purchased a costume (rather than cobbling something together last minute) 😉  I thoroughly enjoyed being Merida, and NYC was absolutely gorgeous – weather, festivities, company…  During lunch in the park, we decided to film a little bit, including the first verse of “Touch the Sky” – and I managed to record and edit the rest at home before and after the Greenwich Village Parade (fun/crazy!). I hope you enjoy this…