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Come Away, Death (Shakespeare: Twelfth Night)

My latest original composition for one of Shakespeare’s songs! I hope you enjoy it!

The lyrics to this song come from Act II, scene iv, of Twelfth Night (1602). Duke Orsino and Cesario are suffering from unrequited love and ask Feste to sing this song to ease their pain.

Shakespeare’s plays include many songs and dances, but these are often excerpted in modern productions (which is something I hope to help change :)). Very few of the original melodies survive, and some of my past work has been to compose music for the lyrics Shakespeare provided, which I really enjoy doing!

If you’re planning an upcoming Shakespeare production and are interested in using my existing music or having me compose original music for you, please contact me ?


  • Music was composed, performed, and produced by Ashley Wagner, as was the video design/direction and editing
  • Videography by Chris Wesson (thank you ❤️)
  • Special appearances from my mom, Barb Wagner, as the knitter ? (she also helped with a lot while we were filming, and she braided my blonde wig ?), and by one of our kitties, Sascha ?
  • Filmed at Fort Redoubt, Pensacola, FL. Thanks to Tim M. and Brittany N. for your help with the location!


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Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy!

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