Save your voice: a singer’s four favorite stay-healthy tips and tricks

Now that winter is here in a big way – this is my first “real” winter in 14 years! – I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things to help prevent/combat colds and keep my voice feeling good.  You already know that sleeping, hot baths, resting your voice, and drinking LOTS of hot tea and water help, but have you ever tried:

1. Apple cider vinegar

I usually drink a small shot of it in the mornings (usually mixed with lukewarm water) – it’s amazing at getting rid of phlegm, which otherwise can take a while to jiggle off of my vocal folds in the mornings…  Don’t drink it on an empty stomach – it’s less surprising if you have at least a little water first.

2. DoTerra On Guard protecting throat drops

I love natural health options, and these are the best throat lozenges/cough drops I’ve ever come across – all natural, no numbing, great flavor. The essential oil blend is wonderful as well, and I also love the hand sanitzer!

3. POM juice 

It’s a little expensive, but is just wonderful for a sore throat or tired voice!

4. Vitamin C crystals (make sure they’re non-synthetic)

My voice teacher turned me onto these. At the first sign of a cold, I take a small teaspoon-full; this seems to have helped shorten the duration of my symptoms.  Word of warning: unless you want to spend alot of time in the bathroom, make sure you don’t take too much at once (a small teaspoon is plenty!).  Another word of warning: the taste is terrible when mixed with water…  The most palatable option I’ve come up with is to drink it in cran-grape juice 😉

I hope you’re all healthy and happy!