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Accompaniment: Aveva na gallina capelluta

Back with an accompaniment for this #WeeklyWednesday. I hope it helps you rehearse or learn the piece! If you’d like an mp3 of the accompaniment, just send me a request ? Though traditionally set for four voices a cappella, it also works well as a duet with the accompaniment filling in the other vocal lines, as in my version here:

“Aveva na gallina capelluta” was composed by Antonio Scandello (1517-1580). I was first exposed to this (and many other early and Renaissance pieces I’ve come to love) while living in Naples, Italy, and singing with an a capella choir (check out their lovely performance of this piece!). That’s an experience I’m so grateful for, and from which I have many happy memories ?

I hope you enjoy, and thank you, as always, for watching!