“…talented Ashley Foughty [Wagner] – who plays the enjoyably mischievous PUCK, as well as doing the Sound Design and Musical Direction, and has a graceful ease with every aspect and corner of the stage – despite the innocent wickedness she portrays her role with. ‘What fools these mortals be!'”
Per Abelardo, San Diego Theatre Reviews

“Standout performances are given by Ashley Foughty [Wagner] as Puck…who through their comedic talent and commitment to character made the show a true delight.”
“As Puck…Foughty [Wagner] exhibits all the mischief and mirth associated with one of The Bard’s most beloved characters.”
Elizabeth Guiten, Coronado Eagle & Journal

“Ashley Foughty [Wagner] (Puck) is lovely and full of mischief”
“Fresh and dynamic, this version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream…is one you don’t want to miss. A visual and musical delight…”
“How innovative to have the fairies dance to international numbers including exotic Indian belly-dances, African dances, and Simon and Garfunkel!”
“…what amazing musical direction and sound design by Ashley Foughty [Wagner]”
Paola Hornbuckle, ArtsNFashion Magazine

“The most impressive singing in the show comes from adult vocalist Ashley Foughty [Wagner] of Norfolk. Her operatic voice makes her solos as Wendy’s mother, Mrs. Darling, most memorable.”
Montague Gammon III, The Virginian-Pilot

“The amazing presentation of “Doll on a Music Box” and the roller skating number “Suddenly” are the ones that most audience members will remember; one for the unbelievable vocals, costuming and acting, the other for its pure ridiculousness.”
Naples Panorama

“[Ashley’s] performance is the most genuine I have seen. She lights up the stage the minute she appears and keeps all eyes in her direction. Not only does she possess a natural stage presence, her vocal talents are ample as well.”
Nancy Kleinhenz, The Advertiser-Tribune

“Notevoli i risultati…di Ashley Foughty [Wagner] assai elegante e raffinata nell’espressione…”
Massimo Lo Iacono, il Roma

“Un programma, come si può constatare, corposo ed impegnativo, al quale il “Coro Exultate Deo”, diretto da Davide Troìa ed accompagnato all’organo da Nunzio Cotena, ha fornito il suo ottimo apporto, dando vita ad un concerto di pregevole fattura, confermando come l’ensemble rappresenti una delle migliori realtà corali napoletane (anche se, per la precisione, va ricordato che la sua sede è Pozzuoli). Molto bravo anche il quintetto di solisti impegnato nel brano di Charpentier, costituito da Leopoldo Punziano (tenore), Stefano Di Fraia (baritono), Ashley Wagner Foughty [Wagner] e Silvia Del Grosso (soprani) e Daniela My (contralto).”
Marco del Vaglio, critica di Musica Classica, (