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One of the highlights of my theatre career has been performing for Disney Cruise Line. In this portion of my website, I’ve re-shared many of my original posts about that experience. I hope you enjoy them!

Not only was it incredible to portray characters I’ve loved since my earliest childhood memories (especially Mary Poppins), for the company who originated our modern concepts of these stories, with all that entails (the creativity, talent, and budget to stage productions in such a lavish and magical way; the ability for these performances to reach hundreds of thousands of guests) — it was a special honor to feel that through my work, I was uplifting people’s lives and helping them create memories and connect in ways they would never forget, both in my capacities as a Main Stage Performer and a character greeter.

The most fulfilling moments in my work (and life) are when something I sing, say, or do makes a positive difference to another: cheers, inspires, comforts, awakens… This aspect is what I feel is my unique calling and what I strive for in how I interact.