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Home (Michael Bublé cover)

Home in NYC [again] after a really great, very brief trip back to Ohio (my childhood home). It was wonderful to spend time with so many of my relatives, and I thought that message could kind of match this song [Mom, please don’t cry!]

I’ve had a very transitory adulthood; I’ve created homes I’ve loved, where I would’ve been happy to remain, in many locations and cultures. As I’ve worked to carve out an individual ‘home’ and life over the last several years, I’ve found that sometimes the beauty and richness of ‘belonging’ to so many people, places, and ways of living can make it very hard to find a physical place I could really call home – and I’m most grateful for the loved ones who truly create a sense of ‘home’ for me.

“Home” was written by Michael Bublé, Alan Chang, and Amy Foster-Gillies. Video is mostly from a family hayride around Wyandot County, Ohio, though it begins with some shots from my mom’s trip to visit me when I lived in Paris, plus some footage from NYC and trips to Rome.

Thank you, as always, for watching – I hope you enjoy this one!

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