Dreams Come True PrincessGram (fully customized, $799+)

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This option offers you the greatest flexibility for personalization and occasions! Email me at [email protected] to discuss details, timing, and pricing ($799+) to create your perfect magical message.

Some examples include:

  • Personalized greeting with or without a song. These are in the spirit of a character meet-and-greet at a theme park.
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Invitations or announcements: birthday party, wedding Save-the-Date, baby announcement, anniversary celebration, and more!
  • Encouragement! This might be praise for good behavior or encouragement to keep trying! For example:
    • Praise for being kind to a sibling
    • Direct encouragement to help with tasks (complete homework, eat vegetables, etc.)
    • Practical help with good-for-you things that can be boring (they don’t have to be!) – like practicing piano scales together with a princess or learning to brush your teeth thoroughly!
  • Storytime: reading together. Customized stories to include your child and their favorite activities are possible!
  • Singing lesson with Belle: warming up and learning a favorite song (this option is not animated).
  • Princess dance, stretching, or exercise lesson with Belle (this option is not animated).

It is my wish to provide you with a product that truly delights! Thank you for choosing to dazzle your special someone with a PrincessGram ✨

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1 review for Dreams Come True PrincessGram (fully customized, $799+)

  1. amanda (verified owner)

    Got my daughter a PrincessGram as part of her birthday party.
    She was so happy with her favourite princess knowing not only it was her birthday, but details about her proved in her mind that magic really does exist. As a parent it was wonderful to see how much enjoyment one video can give to a child.
    Please do not question if you should get a PrincessGram or not, the answer if yes; absolutely get one! Ashely has an amazing ability and talent to make videos so personalised that as the grown up you believe in magic for a short time too.
    Thank you Ashley

    • ashleywagnerarts (verified owner)

      ❤️ Thank you, Amanda!! I’m struggling to find adequate words to reply; this makes my heart so happy to hear… It was so much fun helping create this for your family, and I feel really honored to have given you both that sense of magic that we all need! Thank you for your encouragement!

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