Birthday Magic PrincessGram

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Surprise your loved one with a personalized, cinematic-style, animated birthday greeting! This option includes:

  • Greeting from your selected animated character
  • “Happy Birthday” song
  • Approximately 2 minutes in length
  • Scenery, wildlife, music, and magical special effects appropriate to the selected character (e.g., snow magic, Belle’s enchanted mirror, animal companions).
  • Customization options include:
    • Photos of celebrant, plus their name and age on screen in magical text ✨
    • Sender’s photo and personalized message to celebrant in magical text
    • Up to 10 additional photos and/or a short video you provide (e.g., favorite memories from early ages, special events, a trip to Disney, recent activities, family photos…)
    • Celebrant is addressed as “Dear Princess” or “Prince Charming” with this option, however:
    • For an additional fee, customization can be expanded to include spoken and sung name and other personalized celebration details. To plan, send me a note at [email protected]
  • After purchase, we will discuss each detail to create your perfect magical message!


  • Please order your PrincessGram at least one week before you would like to send it. Rush orders may be possible (additional fee may apply).

It is my wish to provide you with a product that truly delights! Thank you for choosing to dazzle your special someone with a PrincessGram ✨


3 reviews for Birthday Magic PrincessGram

  1. Barbrie (verified owner)

    This Princessgram was the perfect birthday gift for my friend. As senior citizens, we often don’t need to receive more “things.” But it’s still nice to receive something special that was made just for us. This Princessgram was perfect! Whether you have a special someone who is turning 7 or 77, this is a great way to brighten a day while also sharing memories through photos. The quality is second to none. This is the easiest way to send a gift that is sure to make someone smile.

    • ashleywagnerarts (verified owner)

      Thank you, Barbrie, for your kind words! I’m so glad that your PrincessGram was what you were looking for to create a personalized gift for your friend! I agree that adding in special photos from their life really adds a memorable and nostalgic touch. I hope Queen S. thought so, too 🙂

  2. Kristen (verified owner)

    The Princess Gram is a great gift, particularly for parents of young children who are short on time. I would definitely recommend the upgraded option where the princess sings your child’s name during the birthday song. My five year-old daughter LOVED seeing photos of herself as a baby, which I provided…and I definitely don’t have the time to put anything like this together myself, even a simple PowerPoint. Choose the child’s favorite princess and have fun!

    • ashleywagnerarts (verified owner)

      Thank you, Kristen! I’m so happy that Princess S. enjoyed hers – especially seeing how she’s grown and changed (I actually love seeing that part, too/hoping to bring back fond memories for everyone in the family!) 🙂

  3. Katie Butler (verified owner)

    The PrincessGram was a huge hit for my 7 year old’s birthday!  She loved the animation and singing.  We had also provided some photos from over the years and Ashley included those as well.  Not only were they a hit for our birthday girl but fun for the whole family to see how she’s grown and changed over the years.   Our daughter has viewed it many times since her birthday and each time it brings awe and delight.  Thank you Ashley for being fabulous to work with and providing such a fantastic gift!

    • ashleywagnerarts (verified owner)

      Aww, this makes me so happy to hear!! Especially that’s it’s something Princess R. has enjoyed multiple times and which brought back happy memories for all of you 🙂 It was such a pleasure for me to make it and I really appreciate your kind words!

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