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Thursday, 17 November

Today was action-packed and mentally tiring, but generally fun – and now I can relax!  It began in earnest with 3 1/2 hours of understudy choreography.  I’ll keep it simple by saying that my brain did not explode (although it came close), I did better than I thought I would (thanks in part to the dance classes I’ve been taking since my Disney callback casting director recommended them!)… but I still have ALOT of practicing to do!

Later came 2 hours of sword work, which though also mentally/physically challenging, was quite exciting!  Clashing steel is really cool!  My day ended with a couple hours of u/s Cruella choreography, though this time much easier since Cruella’s part in this number is mostly blocking.  Thank goodness!

Tomorrow comes yet another exciting new experience – my first flying lesson for Mary Poppins!!!