Phoenix in Paris

A little philosophy, courtesy of “The School of Life”

I started reading L’étranger (The Stranger) by Albert Camus after discussing a passage from it in my French course.  Yesterday, this video on Camus popped up in my e-mail, from The School of Life’s YouTube channel, which I subscribe to and highly recommend.  Favorite takeaway this morning: enjoying the magnificence of this life instead of pining for another one (i.e., heaven).

That led me to Michel de Montaigne, “Camus’ favorite philosopher,” according to The School of Life. Though some of his ideas are not unfamiliar to me, I haven’t read any of his works (yet!), and I’m very intrigued by this introduction. Some ideas that resonated: authenticity – value and pursue what is useful/appeals to you; value your own mind; recognize that we are all limited; don’t be pretentious and arrogant.

I don’t remember now how I was introduced to The School of Life, but I love their short, potent videos, especially the “Curriculum” – stuff you should have learned, but didn’t; or that you did, but simply have forgotten.  I’m excited to visit their Paris branch in Montmartre…

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