Phoenix in Paris

What is Art?

Art is anything that speaks to our soul.

Art is the tangible representation of the language of the soul. Art is how one’s soul communicates with the world; a mystical thread that connects us – to each other; to something greater than or different from or outside of ourselves. It is beauty; simplicity; complexity; diversity.

Art teaches us something. Beautiful, painful, necessary lessons.

Art is a way to share emotions and experiences, while still each experiencing something unique and personal and individual.

Art is nature; sound; picture; sensation. Perhaps the truest art is not man-made; it is what exists naturally, but that so few notice.

Artists bridge the gap between seen and unseen; observed and unobserved. Everyone can enjoy art, but not everyone is willing to explore the depths of themselves and expose what they find to the world.

I wonder why we are so afraid of ridicule.

Art is man’s attempt to capture the elusive, unspoken, unexplainable things; to link us on a deeper level. Images, sounds, words.

Art gives us a respite from our problems.

Art is what bursts out of us when we open our souls. Even when we perform someone else’s work, we bring to it our own unique colors and nuances, from our varied experiences.

We can perform with great competence without exposing our authentic selves, but then it is no longer art; merely noise.

~ Reflections prompted by an assignment for my German class before a visit to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (free visits on Wednesdays!), and after a recent visit to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart for a Dieter Roth exhibit.

My primary form of creative expression has been through music and theatre.

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