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Sunday, 1 January

Did someone change the date on all of my calendars?  Because it doesn’t feel like it could possibly be the first day of a new year – and the end of my time in Toronto – already!  Although… when I think of the many intense-but-fulfilling rehearsals, cast activities, and holiday trips we’ve squeezed into the 3 weeks since my last post, it seems that surely several months must have passed…

Only 2 rehearsal days remain before our cast heads to Orlando for further training (and DISNEY WORLD!) and boarding The Dream!!  A week from now we’ll begin our 2 weeks of rehearsing on the ship before taking over from the current cast on the 22nd.  It’s unbelievable, exciting, a little nerve-wracking, and generally amazing to think what we’ll be doing so soon!

Rehearsals have been very challenging, but have become increasingly fulfilling as we’ve begun rehearsing our final show!  “Believe” is my personal favorite of our three shows, both because of the wonderful roles I get to portray in it and because of the content – so many of my favorite characters and songs are in this show, and the storyline is quite heartfelt/Disney magical 🙂  We ended our rehearsal day yesterday with our first run of it, and though the day was quite full and tiring, it was absolutely exhilarating!

We’ve also thoroughly enjoyed our holiday season here – from Christmas room decorating contests to Secret Santa (so much fun!), meals and plenty of Disney movie watching together, and a trip to the local Christmas market, it’s been a fun, festive season, even though I’ve spent it far from those I love the most…  I’m so glad we were able to get a group together to sing and play at Kensington Gardens, a local retirement home!  Even though we sing and dance most of the day, it’s a refreshingly different experience to do it in this capacity, and for people who might not otherwise be able to have live holiday entertainment.  I had a wonderful time, and I think the residents and other performers did, too 🙂

We had 4 days off for Christmas vacation, and although it passed way too quickly, it was a much-needed and mostly wonderful break!  It was so therapeutic to be with my husband again and have a little bit of “normal,” even though we were in the middle of a cross-country move.  Although it was quite hectic balancing time to relax, unpack, and celebrate with my husband’s family nearby, it was worth it – and now I have a picture of what our life will be like there.  It was so nice to cuddle with our kitties in our new home and do ordinary things again!  I really enjoyed exploring our beautiful new neighborhood and visiting some of our favorite paintings at the National Gallery of Art…  I know I will continue to miss life in San Diego, but I’m looking forward to the many good things Washington, DC, has to offer.

It was very hard to say goodbye again, but this week back at work has been so fulfilling professionally.  The separation is definitely the hardest part of this contract (although Skype at least helps) – but I really love what I’m doing…  Ideally, I’ll be able to combine home and performing in the near future!

I rang in the new year back in Toronto and enjoyed spending it with friends.  After a cast get together, a small group of us went to an elegant restaurant nearby for a scrumptious dinner, a little dancing (hard to keep up when your friends are professional dancers… ;)), and excellent company!  It was a lovely end to a wonderful, eventful year and a positive start to the next!  I can’t wait to see what it holds…