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Friday, 4 November

Leaving on a jet plane…
Overwhelming excitement, some nerves, sadness at saying goodbye to my husband, our kitties, and our comfortable life in a city we love… and general sleepiness – that’s what I felt as I left San Diego to come to Toronto for rehearsals for the Disney Dream cruise ship.

Pre-dawn at the San Diego airport is a busy time with long lines.  After dropping off my 2 gigantic bags and schlepping the rest of my stuff through security, I finally made it to my gate – feeling quite disheveled, as I always do when I haven’t gotten much sleep and am wearing my glasses.  Amidst gate checking my small carryon, I was relieved to meet a fellow cast mate!  In Minneapolis we connected with 3 other new friends and set off on our adventure.  We were welcomed to Canada by possibly the grumpiest customs official I’ve ever encountered (our Disney smiles did not help), retrieved our bags, and were eventually whisked away by a stereotypical taxi driver who brought us to our new home in Toronto’s Theatre District.  After hurriedly depositing my luggage and attempting to improve my appearance a bit with the addition of lipgloss and a thorough hair-brushing, I headed to our contract signing meeting.  Woohoo!