Enchanted Adventures Sing-along!

Now streaming! Watch through April 30th with the Chance Theater!

Join me on a magical, storybook adventure, featuring classic songs from some of your family’s favorite shows! I hope this program adds joy and sparkle to your day!

Download the lyrics to sing along!

This performance is part of the Chance Theater’s annual fundraiser, Chance-a-thon. All proceeds go to the Chance to support live theatre! Tickets begin at $10 and donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!

Why am I supporting the Chance Theater (and why might you want to)? Because I firmly believe in their mission statement:

“Chance Theater is a wonderful artistic home that believes in the power of storytelling, supporting local artists, empowering young minds, and using the transformative power of live theater to create a more connected, compassionate, and creative community. Your support will help ensure that they will be able to open their doors to create and celebrate theatre, in-person, once more.”

One way I’ve personally experienced the fulfillment of this mission is through this very fundraiser. Chance-a-thon is an annual fundraiser where performers like me can use their stages (including lighting and sound equipment, dressing rooms, etc.) simply by committing to raise an incredibly reasonable/low amount of money for them. I hope this doesn’t sound too mercenary, but when I heard about this several years ago, I wanted to do it because I NEEDED a chance to be on stage again, to test out where I was going in my future – and I couldn’t believe I could do it so affordably (and for a good cause). Even though I’ve never lived near enough to be actively involved in their theatre (as a performer or patron), I have felt the impact of their mission statement on my own life at a time when I desperately needed that. And so, I’m asking you to join me in supporting what I believe to be a very worthy cause, by purchasing a ticket to view my work 💜

More about me:

My experience includes performing for Disney, a Master’s in Musical Theatre (NYU), composing for Shakespeare plays, teaching/coaching privately, and providing customized children’s entertainment. I aspire to help every person feel appreciated, seen, and supported, and I’d love to work with you!

I am currently offering personalized video character greetings for birthdays, special events, and other times when someone in your life needs a little pick-me-up.

I would love to brighten your loved one’s day by portraying one of their favorite fairytale princesses and other characters!

Recorded video options include:

  • Personalized greeting with or without a song (for example, “Happy Birthday”). These are in the spirit of a character meet-and-greet at a theme park (animated option also available, as seen here).
  • Storytime: reading together. Customized stories to include your child and their favorite activities are possible!
  • Singing lesson: warming up and learning a favorite song.
  • Princess dance, stretching, or exercise lesson.
  • Encouragement! This might be praise for good behavior or encouragement to keep trying! For example:
    • Praise for being kind to a sibling
    • Direct encouragement to help with tasks (complete homework, eat vegetables, etc.)
    • Practical help with good-for-you things that can be boring (they don’t have to be!) – like practicing piano scales together with a princess or learning to brush your teeth thoroughly!

I will provide you with a high-quality recording that can be watched as many times as desired! I want to deliver to you the best possible product I can, and a recording helps ensure I can do this with no technical glitches! It also requires minimal scheduling constraints and could help some children feel more comfortable than a live interaction might.

However – I know there’s nothing quite the same as real-time interaction. If you are interested in a live video appointment with a character via Zoom, please contact me to discuss what’s possible!

I am pleased to be able to currently offer greetings from Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, the Little Mermaid, and the Snow Queen. Other characters may be possible – just ask!*

It is important to me to offer services at a variety of price points. Every person deserves to feel special and seen and this is a way I feel I can contribute uniquely to help achieve that.

Currently, my lowest-price option is for a recorded greeting with minimal customization, for $15.

Most options require greater amounts of time, work, and resources to personalize, so please contact me for pricing on other services.

I would be honored to serve you. Please send me a note at:



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*Photos coming soon! The characters portrayed are those found in the public domain, and I have created costumes for them based on a variety of historical and popular sources. Any material I do not make freely available and/or intended for educational purposes through sites like YouTube (which pays royalties to copyright owners) will come from public domain, creative commons, or licensed sources, or be my own, original creation. Though I do hope that my interpretation of these characters will allow you to connect them to their popular, modern incarnations (i.e., the extraordinary versions immortalized by Disney, which have become so well-known that it is nearly impossible to separate them from the scanty characters in their centuries-old tales of origin), it is in no way my intention to steal from or otherwise violate the intellectual rights of others. I have the greatest respect for the Walt Disney Company and love its beautiful stories and characters! It is of utmost importance to me to make every attempt possible to create representations that do not infringe upon others’ work, while delivering messages of kindness, courage, hope, and joy to everyone I can.