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Wednesday, 16 November

What it’s all about…
…both as a Disney performer and as the person I want to be – I’m grateful that I experienced it today.  My weekly room-cleaning happened while I was in my apartment during a rehearsal break and the lady who came was really sweet.  I continued to go over my music while she cleaned and we just chatted off and on.  She really liked my humming, so I asked if she’d like me to sing something for her.  I ended up singing a few songs and by the end, I think we were both almost ready to cry 😉  She told me it meant so much to her that I took the time to talk with her, and then to have a real Disney princess sing to her – she’d been having kind of a bad day, and I’d made her feel better…  I don’t say this to make myself sound good – but just because it meant so much to me.  That’s what I strive for as a person – just to be nice to others and be the best person I can be.  It’s also what I love as a performer – sharing something I can do that makes people happy.  It’s also partly the Disney effect – and this one little moment reminded me so much how thankful I am to be here!  I wonder if she knows that she encouraged me, too…

The rest of my day was lovely in general – I had the morning off, so a friend and I went to a Grace Kelly exhibit at a nearby museum and lunch.  Then, a few hours of scene work and back to practice some more on my own.

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