NYU: Remember ALL of your 2020 graduates!

This is a plea to #NYU and #NYUSteinhardt in particular to include Fall 2019 and Jan 2020 graduates in your communications and plans for celebrating the only #commencement activities the university provides (in May).

I completed my #Master’s in Steinhardt’s Vocal Performance program in Fall 2019 (degree conferred in Jan 2020). I have really been looking forward to participating in the May commencement activities, even though they have now moved online. #nyusteinhardt20

I have not been included in numerous communications about planning and celebrations that will take place and have only heard about them through a group chat with my cohort.

This makes me feel like I don’t matter.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. Please include us. We do matter!

Iโ€™m grateful for the friends who do let me know about these significant events and who remind me that I matter to them ๐Ÿ’œ

Iโ€™m also grateful to my current graduate program, which has done nothing but make me feel included, well-informed, and like I matter very much! #georgetownuniversity

* Not my typical Weekly Wednesday video… but as I am currently buried in homework, this is doubling as a plea for inclusion and today’s video! I hope to bring you something better next week!

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