Julius Caesar excerpts!

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I’ve often recorded duets with myself, so why not a whole scene? 😉

I wanted to share something from the (very abridged) production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that my #NYU grad acting class performed this past semester (“Teeny Tiny Caesar”) – so for today’s #WeeklyWednesday, I’m bringing you a couple of excerpts!

It was a lot of fun to work on this together (and to take a ‘stab’ at a Shakespearean tragedy), especially under the instruction/direction of the very talented and clever Jessica Bashline! If you’re in NYC and looking for coaching, I’d highly recommend her!

In our production, I played Decius Brutus, a conspirator who convinces Caesar to come to the Senate on the Ides of March (where the conspirators assassinate him). I recorded bits of those scenes from Act II, doing my best to also add in Cassius (Act II, scene 1) and Caesar (Act II, scene 2). [For those who know the play – we cut the role of Calpurnia and adapted the dream to be Caesar’s own].

If you’d like to see more of my Shakespeare work, including music I’ve composed, check out this playlist:

Thanks, as always, for watching this video and supporting my work! I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Shakespeare: Queen Margaret

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from Henry VI, Part III ~ Act 1, Scene 1

Today’s #WeeklyWednesday comes straight out of the #NYU Acting Lab! We’re working on Shakespeare this semester and I’m loving it! We’ve only coached these twice (and just performed them today), but I thought I’d show you my progress so far. I really love this monologue!

From Henry VI, Part III, this is Queen Margaret’s first monologue (Act 1, Scene 1). It’s 1455, and England is in the bloodbath of the War of the Roses, with rival families vying for power (King Henry VI, House of Lancaster, versus Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York). Recovering from the loss of a battle, King Henry attempts to appease the Yorkists and maintain the crown for himself, by agreeing to cede the crown to the Duke of York upon Henry’s natural death. Upon hearing this news, Queen Margaret storms into the Parliamentary Chambers to confront the king and to find a way to reinstate their son (Edward) as heir to the throne.

I’ve been playing around with my delivery a bit and included a portion of this monologue in a different style (starts at 2:10). And apparently, I just love monologues about queens! 👸🏻 If you’d like to see a contemporary comedic one, check out Queen Lucy (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown) 😉

I hope you enjoy this monologue! I’m so grateful to Jessica Bashline for her excellent instruction and coaching! If you’re looking for private or group coaching in NYC, you should contact her!

Thank you for your support 💜