Holiday Sale: Upgraded


Surprise your loved one with TWO personalized, cinematic-style, animated greetings!

Your holiday PrincessGram will be delivered in December 2021 and your birthday PrincessGram can be delivered anytime within one year.

Upgraded personalization includes:

  • Holiday greeting from The Snow Queen
    • “Jingle Bells” sing-along!
  • Birthday greeting from the animated character of your choice
    • “Happy Birthday” song
  • Approximately 2 minutes in length
  • Scenery, wildlife, music, and magical special effects appropriate to the selected character (e.g., snow magic, Belle’s enchanted mirror, animal companions).
  • Customization options include:
    • Photos of recipient, plus their name and age on screen in magical text ✨
    • Sender’s photo and personalized message to recipient in magical text
    • Up to 10 additional photos and/or a short video you provide (e.g., favorite memories from early ages, special events, a trip to Disney, recent activities, family photos…)
    • Recipient is addressed as “Dear Princess” or “Prince Charming” with this option, however:
    • For an additional $25, customization can be expanded to include spoken and sung name and other personalized celebration details. Contact me before purchase to select this option!
  • After purchase, we will discuss each detail to create your perfect magical message!
  • Please order your PrincessGram at least one week before you would like to send it. Rush orders may be possible (additional fee may apply).

It is my wish to provide you with a product that truly delights! Thank you for choosing to dazzle your special someone with a PrincessGram ✨



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