Fully Customized PrincessGram


Email me at Ashley@AshleyWagnerArts.com to discuss details and pricing 😊

  • Personalized greeting with or without a song. These are in the spirit of a character meet-and-greet at a theme park.
  • Storytime: reading together. Customized stories to include your child and their favorite activities are possible!
  • Singing lesson: warming up and learning a favorite song.
  • Princess dance, stretching, or exercise lesson.
  • Encouragement! This might be praise for good behavior or encouragement to keep trying! For example:
    • Praise for being kind to a sibling
    • Direct encouragement to help with tasks (complete homework, eat vegetables, etc.)
    • Practical help with good-for-you things that can be boring (they don’t have to be!) – like practicing piano scales together with a princess or learning to brush your teeth thoroughly!
  • We will discuss each detail to create your perfect magical message!

It is my wish to provide you with a product that truly delights! Thank you for choosing to dazzle your special someone with a PrincessGram ✨



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