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Disney Cruise Line: life snippets from a Main Stage Performer 😊

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    Disneyland Christmas 2019

    Happy #WeeklyWednesday! Sharing some more scenes from a very quick trip we had to Disneyland in mid-November, plus some of my music 😊 The Happiest Place on Earth was looking particularly magical this year! The decorations, music, special events, and seasonal foods were wonderful! I hope you’ll have the chance to go soon, but if not, I hope this video captures a sense of it and makes you smile! If you like this video, check out: On my end — my next phase officially begins today, with my first class at Georgetown (Linguistics)… In the words of Little Red, I’m feeling “excited and scared” 🙏  Thank you, as always, for watching! I…

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    Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy Parade 🎄☃️🎁

    Happy New Year 🥳 This first day of 2020 finds me feeling good and looking forward to some of the very big events coming later this year! I hope it finds you doing and feeling well and hopeful, too 💗 Today’s #WeeklyWednesday is Disneyland’s “A Christmas Fantasy“ parade! We enjoyed seeing it and the beautiful decorations and festive events going on in the Parks when we were there in November! I hope you enjoy watching it here ☺️ If you like this video, check out my clips from California Adventure: More from Disneyland coming soon! Thanks for watching! #AshleyWagnerArts

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    A Trip to Disney’s California Adventure!

    An unrelated-to-this-video note: I had my NYU Master’s recital last night and I’m so pleased with and grateful for how it went! I feel like I was able to demonstrate some of the best of my abilities and training, and it was such a privilege and pleasure to perform with my phenomenal accompanist and the other incredible artists and friends who comprised my My Fair Lady cast 💜💜💜 Thank you very much to those of you who came or watched online last night!! In the coming weeks, I will be editing our video footage to share here ☺️ For this video: This isn’t exactly a vlog, but I thought I’d…

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    Disney Cruise Line blog

    One of the highlights of my theatre career has been performing for Disney Cruise Line. In this portion of my website, I’ve re-shared many of my original posts about that experience. I hope you enjoy them! Not only was it incredible to portray characters I’ve loved since my earliest childhood memories (especially Mary Poppins), for the company who originated our modern concepts of these stories, with all that entails (the creativity, talent, and budget to stage productions in such a lavish and magical way; the ability for these performances to reach hundreds of thousands of guests) — it was a special honor to feel that through my work, I was…

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    Disney Cruise Line Videos

    28 Jan (a year later) So much has happened since my last post! One of the biggest things is that I finished a wonderful contract on the Disney Dream, including 300 performances of our 3 main stage shows: Disney’s Believe, The Golden Mickeys, and Villains Tonight! ? It dawned on me that if you’re reading my blog (particularly for the Disney bits), you might like to see videos from some of our shows.  I wish they were better quality, but I hope they at least give you a taste of the wonderful live Walt Disney Theatre productions on the ship. Below is a playlist to watch them all! Some highlights of…

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    Ship life + Performing! Is this reality?

    Monday, 27 February I’m typing from a breezy cafe in Nassau.  It’s sunny and very hot outside, and two of my friends have joined me for some tea, a little chit chat… and much needed wifi 😉  I’ve been on the Disney Dream for a month and a half now and things are finally starting to feel normal!  The cruise itself is such an incredible experience for the guests – there truly is something for everyone, and I’m surprised by how many adults come on a Disney cruise without children!  My life here – though not all vacation – is certainly surreal – at times wonderful and at times crazy… …

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    Sunday, 1 January Did someone change the date on all of my calendars?  Because it doesn’t feel like it could possibly be the first day of a new year – and the end of my time in Toronto – already!  Although… when I think of the many intense-but-fulfilling rehearsals, cast activities, and holiday trips we’ve squeezed into the 3 weeks since my last post, it seems that surely several months must have passed… Only 2 rehearsal days remain before our cast heads to Orlando for further training (and DISNEY WORLD!) and boarding The Dream!!  A week from now we’ll begin our 2 weeks of rehearsing on the ship before taking…

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    Ups and Downs

    Wednesday, 7 December As I’m sure you’ve gathered from my lack of posting these last couple weeks, things have gotten BUSY here!  Today is one of those wonderful days where I have a big break between rehearsals, so I’m attempting to catch up…  Highlights from the last 15 days: WorkWe finished learning our first show (Villains Tonight) and have run it several times.  Cleaning and polishing continue 😉 Now rehearsing our second show, The Golden Mickeys.  I’m on ensemble track for that, so doing lots of vocals and some choreography.  Understudying Cruella de Vil in this show as well, which is a really fun part!  My friend who is the…

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    Niagara Falls!

    Monday 21 November Holy Guacamole!Fifteen of us headed to Niagara Falls today on a chartered bus tour!  It was a lovely trip, and although the day was very cold, we had glorious sunshine.  We stopped at Niagara-on-the-Lake, a picturesque town with beautiful architecture and cute shops.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for it, but if I’m ever back this way, I’m going to afternoon tea at the gorgeous Prince of Wales Hotel!  Next, we headed to a nearby winery for a tasting – I would’ve preferred my tea, but I always love the experience of being in a country winery and walking through vineyards…  Ice wine is the specialty of…

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    Rehearsals and Holidays

    Saturday, 19 NovemberUnderstudying is hard work!Company meeting, brunch with friends at Cora’s (a local favorite, for obvious reasons!) and back to work!  Today’s rehearsals were cool, but most of it was for the roles I’m understudying – hard work since you don’t get many opportunities to practice with the other scene members, in the rehearsal space, with props, while the director’s there…  It’s especially tricky u/s’ing 2 people in the same number…  Practice, practice, practice… Sunday, 20 NovemberIt’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!Toronto’s Christmas season officially began with today’s Santa Claus Parade!  I decided to watch it on tv from the comfort of my room…  After some rehearsing, a…